Proctoring Services

Proctoring is a new online method for exam supervision. A candidate no longer has to travel to a central examination location to sit the exam. Taking an exam is now possible virtually anytime and anywhere: at home, in the classroom, or at your own work place. Distance is no longer relevant. A proctor (invigilator) monitors the exam via the computer (live or post-exam) and is responsible for the identity check of the candidates.

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Experience the advantages for all the parties involved: save costs, time, location and staff. Distance is no longer relevant.

How does Online Proctoring work in practice? In this video, we show you how we can have candidates sit exams online safely.

Advantages of Proctoring Services

  • You save time and travel expenses and the costs of an exam location
  • We work in accordance with the new GDPR, so privacy is properly protected
  • The candidate sits the exam in familiar surroundings
  • You outsource the supervision to experienced proctors
  • You will have your own back office environment to manage your exams

Proctoring methods

Experienced and trained proctors monitor the 360º recordings of the environment of the student carefully for any suspicious behaviour.

Our proctors can communicate directly with the student and, if necessary, intervene immediately during the exam.

A hybrid solution of physical supervision in a classroom and online recordings via the student’s own laptop.

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